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   01. Go to a city without you, laughing and crying to delete you from my memory of inside.

   02. Life is so short, why let unimportant people affect their important mood.

   03. Close the hasty book of youth, only the broken memories remain..

   04. We are all busy Entertainer ( 20 16 TV series) in the play. If we don't put our heart and soul into it, we won't be able to end it..

   05. If love is the mastermind, then memory will be our Executor in Executed

   06. Most of the time, I thought there was no hope, but God gave me some sunshine. .

   07. You really like a person, that is, he does not meet the standards in your mind, and you still like him so much..

   08. No one has the obligation to be good to you, so those who are good to you must be grateful..

   09. What I want is not someone's shoulder, arms are a place where I cannot stay..

   10. Elder sister that Sunny Doll's smile, not everyone can easily imitate

   11. I am a wandering soul, wandering the streets just to find the warm memory..

   12. Sometimes, the reason why I cry is not because I am weak, but because I am strong for too long..

   13. If I could go back to the past, I would choose not to know many people.

   14. You just changed a way to get her everlasting..

   15. In your eyes, I have too many shortcomings to see that I like you so much..

  16. Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in one direction.

   17. In a willing way, slowly kill the time I am not willing to give up.

   18. The best feeling is that when I look at you, you are already staring at me.

   19. It turns out that the disappearance of inside from one's world is much easier than imagined..

  20. The most painful thing is not parting, but the memory after parting..

   21. People don't think about themselves. The Untold Story 2 will not be destroyed. No one will not think about themselves. This is the social reality.

   22. You don't have to be brave or lie. People who understand you will naturally know what you are..

   23. Sometimes waking up is the wrong start. I don't need it and it doesn't matter how good it is to be a fool.

   24. Who knows, I am not happy, but who cares.

   25. I used up my youth to love you when I was young and then forgot about you when I was old for the rest of my life.

   26. Why should I give you the best time so that you can learn how to be good to the next one?

   27. I am not your emotional mass grave, can't accept you so many old people.

   28. Most of the time, I clearly don't think so in my heart, but I can't control myself and say the opposite..

   29. I believe there will be someone who will love me all, including my gentleness..

   30. If I were smart enough, I wouldn't let myself stand alone on that stage..

   31. Don't be with people you don't like, even perfunctory feeling unbearable..

   32. No text messages, no phone calls, nothing. But I am still here, thinking of you like crazy..

   33. Love is a kind of pay that makes people feel cheap.. Happiness is a kind of Love So Life.

   34. There is always an answer to anything.. Rather than worry, let nature take its course..





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