Those friends who come and go in life

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   There are always many people who come and go in life, just like the passers-by on the road when we walk, some of them walk in the opposite direction to us, and some of them walk in the same direction with us..

   Those who run counter to us may forget in a flash. The wind of time will blow them to the edge of our memory, even beyond our memory..

   Perhaps, one day in our life in inside, we will occasionally think of some vague shadows, but only occasionally think about them. They are behind us and have become farther and farther away from us.. Even if they fold back again for some reason, we are too far apart to catch up..

   Those who walk with us, some pass us by, some may accompany us for some distance.. However, the time will not be too long, there are too many diversions on the road of life, and our choices will be different at each intersection.. You chose this road, he chose that road, so, only break up. Of course, there will be new Live Companion on the new road, but there will also be new fork in the road..

   It is because of friendship that we can feel the warmth between people.. Our heart seems to be a cup that feels heavy because it is often filled with worries and helplessness. Only those hands that have been extended to us for friendship are willing to empty this cup for us sincerely and return her joy and ease..

   It is because of friendship that we can feel the dignity and glory of being human more.. Our hearts seem to be a very thick book. Only those hearts that have collided with our hearts will be willing to open this thick book and read it carefully and comment sincerely.. Through his commentary, we understand which words should be deleted. Through his commentary, we know how to use his pen of life to create immortal masterpieces..

   In this world, how can our hearts not burn when we think that other people are caring for our souls besides our relatives?? How can it not make us feel happy and happy to think that other people are watching our spiritual world besides our relatives?? How can we not feel proud and excited at the thought that besides our relatives, there are also Exhalation and blessings for our failures and achievements?? Family ties come from blood ties, while friendship comes from a wonderful chance in a vast sea of people. It comes from sharing and sharing each other's honor and disgrace, and it comes from each other's respect for each other's personality and understanding of their hearts..

   The root of friendship is rooted in noble spirit, not vulgar lust. Friendship is a horn sounded by each other to encourage each other to move forward, not a tool used by each other. Friendship is a song of praise for each other's good sentiments, not mutual cajoling and boasting. Friendship is to make friends become flour mirrors of each other's pure conduct, not to make each other accomplices of each other's evil deeds .

   Having friendship is like having green mountains with rushing streams. Having friendship is like sailing with downwind. With friendship, thirsty travelers have clear springs. With friendship, our soul is no longer alone in this world. With friendship, someone will pass through the envious crowd to present us with a bunch of flowers when we succeed and heal our wounds when we suffer from failure..





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