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   On one occasion, I suffered from calculous cholecystitis, from Shanghai to Nantong. Beans of sweat rolled straight down, killing me with pain.. In desperation, he had to live in Nantong Affiliated Hospital to prepare for surgery..

   In fact, I am most afraid and taboo operation. I didn't expect to stay in the surgical ward for two weeks, but the situation did not develop toward the preset treatment plan.. Due to the high blood pressure and the delay in lowering it, the doctor did not dare to use the knife rashly.. As a result, The Devil's Messenger, coincidentally, let me avoid a bullet..

   Every day, many bottles of "pioneer cephalosporin" are hung upside down. although the pain is relieved, there is no medicine to cure the disease and completely solve the problem..

   The most vexing thing is the strict restriction on the intake of oil during hospitalization. My diet is light. The doctor ordered me not to eat this or that. The diet is basically based on vegetables, and I don't even put oil in it. Therefore, belly inside always feels that clear soup is watery, so he doesn't have the strength to dig all day and can't even walk on the road..

   Can't, this day I left nurses don't pay attention to, made a time difference, out of the hospital, sneaked into the street nearby, want to make a "sumptuous food".

   A look on the street shows that restaurants of different sizes are lined up one by one. It is lunchtime and there are many customers in the store. Most of them have a smiling woman at the door to attract customers. .

   But when I arrived at the hotel, I was dazzled by the dazzling array of recipes and samples, but I didn't know what to eat.? Chicken, duck, fish and Young Blood are definitely not good. Meat contains fat and has a high gallbladder, which is a big dietary taboo for cholecystitis patients..

   Seeing that I could not make up my mind, the fat wife of shop-owner next to me immediately recommended the snakehead swimming in the glass jar and said, "Why don't you buy a snakehead stewed stew soup?"? This snakehead has high protein content and is the most nutritious. It is now roasted and killed. 12 yuan weighs a kilo. It is cheap and fresh.! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.! "

   I was somewhat moved by what I said. I asked tentatively: why is it so expensive? Is it domestic? She said, this is a wild fish, no hormone, slow growth, so the price is slightly higher.

   In fact, I can't tell the difference between domestic and wild snakehead. It's just that make a gesture of attacking is blind in bluster.! She grabbed one from the fish tank according to my advice, weighing no more, no less, just 2 kg. On the spot, I paid 24 yuan for the fish, 6 yuan for the processing, and 30 yuan in total..

   The fish was also bought and the money was paid. "Everything is ready, everything is ready except one crucialelement.". "The next step is cooking.

   But when I entered the kitchen, the wife of shop-owner stopped at the door with the words "the kitchen is very important and no one is allowed to enter". the cook took the fish and asked, "how many people eat it?"? "

   I am really puzzled: what is the relationship between how many customers enjoy it and your processing?? Then he began to scrape scales and cut open his belly..

   When the wife of shop-owner saw me with presence of mind in the face of disasters, she refused to leave, showing a trace of displeasure and disdain on her face. She said with a strange voice, "Sit down in your seat, and when the stew is ready, it will be delivered to you."! "

   About half an hour later, a bowl of milky black fish soup was brought to me in front of me, steaming hot and fragrant. I couldn't help but wonder: a black fish weighing 2 kg was less than Erhong bowl. Moreover, there were few fish pieces "island crags" on the soup. All the fish pieces sank under the soup, just like a miniature "Huangyan Island.". Obviously, The Sucker, this snakehead has been rigged and is short of two pounds.!

   Without moving a chopstick, I gasped to the wife of shop-owner and asked, "Let the customers see, is this my soup simmered with two catties of black fish?"? "

   The wife of shop-owner seemed to have changed herself at this moment, completely losing her original enthusiasm for selling fish. As soon as her face sank, she said angrily, "A fish is only so much after processing, except for its internal organs and six internal organs, which weigh 2 kg."! Really, how much do you want?! "

   "I also simmered two catties of snakehead, anyway, much more than you! "I defy spirit ground say:" open a shop to want to speak sincere letter, you pat oneself conscience, did you earn mei xin money? "

   Hearing the dispute, several diners, in twos and threes, also came to visit this expensive bowl of fish soup. After watching it without saying a word, it seemed that the old man, who had experienced the vicissitudes of the world, just smacked his lips and shook his head .

   "then what do you want to do? "See me Pressed, wife of shop-owner seems a little nervous.

   "keep this fish soup for yourself, I want to refund the money. "I answered sternly

   The wife of shop-owner caught her resentment from the customer's expression. Perhaps she was afraid to affect her business and reputation. She wanted to cut the Gordian knot. She changed her tone and said, "It is no good to retire."! I'll do this business for nothing. OK, I'll refund you five yuan for processing.! "

   At this moment, waiter carried Dish (food) and passed me like singing: "A bowl of pickled cabbage and black fish, come here!"! "

  Author: Ma Dingqi





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