Standing at Mr. Hu Shih's Tomb (2)

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   During World War II, I was trapped in Germany for ten years.. After World War II, when I heard that Mr. Yin Ke was seeking medical treatment in England, I wrote him a letter of honor and attached a paper in German published in the G?ttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities Journal to report to him on my achievements in ten years of study.. Soon received his reply, asking me if I would like to teach in Peking University.. Peking University is the highest institution of higher learning in the country and is famous all over the world. However, the threshold has always been extremely high and it is difficult to enter at leisure.. Now there is a heaven-sent opportunity to fall on my head, I how have not willing to reason! I immediately wrote back and agreed. Mr. Yin Ke recommended me to Mr. Hu Shih, then president of Peking University, Mr. Fu Ssu-nien, acting president, and Mr. Tang Yongtong, president of literature.. Mr. Yin Ke has a very high reputation in academia, One word is as heavy as nine tripods. Three leaders of Peking University immediately accepted. As a result, I, a young hairy man in my thirties who has no national name in the domestic academic circle, openly and openly entered the gate of Peking University.. In the Tang Dynasty, when a successful candidate in the highest imperial examination was awarded, he was "proud of his horse's hoof and saw all over Chang'an Flower in one day.". Although I have not seen Peiping flowers every day, as a professor at Peking university and head of the department of oriental languages and literature, I feel a little complacent. isn't that human nature?

   In the following three years, I studied and worked under the leadership of Mr. Shi Zhi and Mr. Xi Yu (Tang Yongtong), and spent a period of unforgettable years.. I am Mr. Tong Shizhi. Although there are different academic generations and different social status, I don't want to have much contact with him.. However, in fact it is not. We have many opportunities to meet each other.. I am almost a regular visitor to his cramped and shabby principal's office in the east room in front of the wigwam hall.. As head of the department, I have to report to the headmaster for instructions. He edits an academic supplement in the newspaper, and I am also a writer. Therefore, I often talk about academic issues. The most valuable thing is that he treats people kindly and kindly. Everyone smiles, professors, staff, students and workers alike.. I have never seen him put on the celebrity and professor airs that were quite popular at that time.. In addition, we often have the opportunity to meet at professors' meetings, teachers' meetings at Peking University's Institute of Liberal Arts, and appraisal meetings in National Library of China.. As a younger generation, I never feel cramped in front of him. I often sit in the spring breeze..

   Mr. Shi is very humorous. He is not act as an elder, but lively and interesting.. There is one small matter that I will never forget.. At a professor's meeting once, Mr. Yang Zhensheng received a new rare ancient painting. In order to make everyone appreciate it, he brought the painting to the meeting, opened it and spread it on a huge table. Everyone applauded. At this moment, Mr. shizhi suddenly stood up, walked to the table, drew up the picture scroll and made it into a sleeve shape, which made the whole house laugh and beaming..

   At that time, Indian Prime Minister Nehru sent Dr. Prabodh Chandra Bagchi, a famous Indian scholar, to Peking University as a visiting professor. He also sent more than a dozen Indian male and female students to study in Peking University. This was also an important event between China and India.. Mr. Shizhi entrusted me with the care of Indian scholars of all ages.. He met them many times and gave a banquet to welcome them.. When Prabodh Chandra Bagchi made his first speech, Mr. Shizhi attended in person and gave a welcome speech in English, explaining the friendly relations in the history of China and India and introducing Prabodh Chandra Bagchi's academic achievements, which shows that he attached great importance to this matter..

   When studying in the United States, Mr. shizhi was busy studying the west, especially the philosophy and culture of the United States. he was busy studying the ancient books and records of the pre-Qin period in China. he had not made a systematic and in-depth study of Indian culture and Buddhism.. It is said that later, due to the desire to write "History of Chinese Philosophy", in order to make up for his own shortcomings, he began to seriously study Chinese Zen Buddhism and Sino-Indian cultural relations.. When I was studying in Germany myself, I was busy with Sanskrit, pali, Tocharian language and Buddhist scriptures. I had no spare time to study the history of Sino-Indian cultural relations.. After returning to China, forced by the lack of books and materials, he began to pay attention to the study of the history of China-India Cultural Exchanges under compelling circumstances.. In the three years before liberation, only two decent academic papers were written: one was "pagoda and Buddha" and the other was "Liezi and Buddhist Scripture". The first article deals with the issue of Mr. Shizhi quarrelling with Mr. Chen Yuan 'an to the red-eared problem in flour.. I solved the problem according to Tocharian language. Both the old me did not dare to offend, but only adopted a fence-sitting attitude.. I think that Mr. Shi will not miss this paper. I only went to Tsinghua Garden to read it to my teacher, Mr. Chen Yinque. Monta's approval was introduced to the very high-status Journal of the Institute of History and Linguistics of Academia Sinica for publication.. After writing the second article, I showed it to Mr. Shi zhi. the next day, he wrote me a letter, in which he said: "the proof of the" living sutra "is conclusive! "Visible he is finished overnight. He admitted my conclusion, which is undoubtedly a great encouragement to me.. This time, I came to Taiwan. a few days ago, I heard president academician Li yiyuan's speech at the conference. in the middle, he said that when Mr. shizhi was the president of academia sinica in his later years, he often sat and chatted with young researchers when drinking tea in the afternoon.. On one occasion, he said, learning should be like Ji Xianlin of Peking University. At first glance, I felt mixed feelings.. Mr. Shi said this must be related to the above two articles, and it may also be related to some articles I have written in more than ten years since we broke up.. This shows that Mr. Shizhi has been paying close attention to my academic research until his later years.. The feeling of bosom friend arises spontaneously.. Under such circumstances, may I have any other feelings??

  In politics, it is well known that Mr. Shi does not approve of communism.. However, we should not forget that he is also opposed to the Three People's Principles.. I think, in his mind, the best politics in the world is American politics, and the most democratic country in the world is America.. This is related to his personal experience and philosophical beliefs.. They in experimentalism do not advocate any "ultimate truth", and all "doctrines" in the world are similar to "ultimate truth", so he opposes it.. He and the Communist Party did not have any deep hatred.. He himself said that he had never written articles criticizing communism in his life, while articles opposing the Kuomintang had been written.. I can say two small things that I saw with my own eyes.. On the eve of liberation, Beiping students always demonstrated, such as "Shen Chong Incident" and "Anti-Hunger and Anti-Persecution" etc. There was a Central | Communist Underground behind it. This is well known. How can Mr. Shi not know! However, every time the Kuomintang gendarmes and police in Peiping arrested the students, he took his car, which was rarely seen in Peiping at that time, and ran between the main government offices, forcing the Kuomintang authorities to release the students.. He also wrote personally to Nanjing's dignitaries in Peiping for the same purpose.. It is said that these letters still exist today.. Personally, I think this is no longer a trivial matter.. Another thing is that one day I went to the principal's office to meet Mr. shiji.. A student came in and said to him: Last night Yan 'an Radio had broadcast on his special line, hoping that he would not leave. After the liberation of Peiping, he would be appointed president of Peking University and curator of National Library of China.. After hearing this, he smiled at the student and said, "Do people trust me?"? "The conversation is over. He could not help but understand the student's identity, but he was not only absent from rise to one's full height and smite the table and bristle with anger, but his attitude was still cordial and kind.. Misa U A-Molu, these little things are thought-provoking..





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