Love Sad Signature: I will not disturb you any more, the pe

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   1. Memory keeps repeating, and this life really makes me tired.

   2. I will not disturb you any more, the person I once loved deeply.

   3, still can't cry, because I want to be strong, resist not to let tears flow down

   Without your time, a day seems like a year, so long ago.

   No matter what I do, you will not believe me, even if it is death.

   6. I always miss a lot. I am always sad by myself.

   7, has always been invisible, because I know even online no one to me

   8, I am so jealous, envy you for her true feelings

   9. I am a lonely patient, and I am only a patient when I am lonely.

   10. The red maple leaves tell the sad beauty of autumn.

   No one walks into my heart, no one understands my hurt, and no one likes me so much.

   If you love my tears, don't hurt my heart casually.

   13, is there a reason why I don't cry, is there a person who can love me forever?

   14, don't recognize sad melody, that's what I want emotional appeal in my heart

   The smile you give is my only hope to live in this world.

   16. Not all likes are rewarded, not all heartaches are comforted.

   17, quiet separation, in fact, is also a kind of treatment to our love

   At our age when we do not understand love, it is always too early to say it.

   19, don't plan to love forever, why bother

   I really want to find you, then hold you tight and say I miss you so much.

   21, looking at the way you are happy with others, I realized that I should quit

   22. Love can continue, but love cannot return to the past. The past is the past.

   23, there are some things no big deal, is it not lost a person who loves you

   24, love is like showing off one thing, fell in love with, can't stop

   After all, when will you understand the mood I changed for you?

   26, love is the most gorgeous illusion of life, too extravagant, sometimes never go over

   27, youth is a beautiful sadness, I didn't cry, but tears flow down

   28. I'm just sad that you can't accompany me to my old age and never have the chance to stay with you for life.

   29. Stay with you a little longer and you can have more Let Me Love You.

   30, hiding in the corner a person crying, all pride has ceased to exist.

   The days without you, inside, are as long as a year.

   32, silently give up my love, because he already no longer love me

   33, if I can easily give up you, it's a pity that there is no if

   34, memories again beautiful, again how, whether will it be again

   35. I am used to loneliness, or I am more free when I am alone.

   36. Time has taken too many things from us, leaving only memories in the end.

   37, your favorite people don't understand you, is a very painful thing

   38, love and not love is just a word, don't have to struggle too much

   39. I regard you as the only one in this life, but you regard me as one of them.

   40, lost himself in front of love is a very stupid thing.





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