Confucius' Story: Confucius Respects Teachers

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   Confucius' Story: Confucius Respects Teachers

   In the spring of 521 BC, Confucius learned that his student, Gong Jingshu, had been ordered by the monarch of the state of Lu to go to Luoyang, capital of the Zhou Dynasty, to worship the emperor. He thought it was a good opportunity to consult Lao Zi, who kept the Tibetan history of the Zhou Dynasty, about the knowledge of "etiquette". He obtained Lu Zhaogong's consent and went with Gong Jingshu..

   On the second day after arriving in Kyoto, Confucius went on foot to visit Lao Tzu in the Tibetan government. Lao Zi, who is writing the Tao Te Ching, heard that Confucius, who is famous all over the world, came to ask for advice. He quickly put down his hobby knife and straightened his clothes to welcome him.. Confucius saw an old man in his late teens and a spiritual for old people hale and hearty coming out of Damon inside. He expected it to be Lao Zi. He hurried to the front and bowed respectfully to Lao Zi as a disciple.. After entering the hall, Confucius bowed again and sat down.. Lao Zi asked Confucius why he came. Confucius left his seat and answered, "I have little knowledge and know nothing about the ancient' ritual system'. I specially asked the teacher for advice.". "Lao tze see Confucius so sincere, then express their views in detail.

   After returning to Lu, Confucius' students asked him to explain Lao Tzu's knowledge.. Confucius said: "Lao Zi erudite and informed, the source of etiquette and music and the return of morality, is indeed My good teacher.". At the same time, analogy praised Lao Zi and said, "Bird, I know it can fly. Fish, I know it can swim; Beast, I know it can run. I can catch a running beast with a net, a swimming fish with a fishhook and a flying bird with a good arrow.. As for the dragon, I can't know how it took advantage of the wind and cloud to reach heaven.. Lao tze, its still dragon evil! "





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