400 words of patriotic speech

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   Patriotic speech

   Dear teachers and students,

   Hello, everyone.!

   From the endless Great Wall to the majestic Mount Wuyuexiong; From the magnificent Imperial Palace to the majestic Tiananmen Square in Beijing . These are all owned by our great motherland, and we should be proud of them..

   When the invaders trampled on our beautiful mountains and rivers, every Chinese with conscience shed tears on his face and blood in his heart.. For the sake of their sacred motherland, they groped in the dark and fought in humiliation..

   Turning over the 5,000-year long history, I found that the great wall, the essence of the motherland's life-that scar, recorded many vicissitudes of life and showed such tenacity. it was a sign, a strength, a spirit and a yearning.!

   Yangtze River-That is the pulse of the motherland! Jumping with endless throbbing, scattering endless feelings. The Yellow River-that is the blood of the motherland, boiling, rushing, unable not to rush, holding high forward, that is how confident and proud ah!

   No matter when and where, I will always miss my motherland. The surging river, the rolling yellow river and the endless mountain roads all belong to our great motherland..

   We must work hard and strive for progress so that patriotism can spread throughout everyone's heart.. Patriotism is only a small act and a small word.. Let's take action and let the word "patriotic" be firmly remembered in our hearts.!

   The eastern lion is no longer asleep, it has gradually regained consciousness and is marching to the forefront of the world with firm steps.! China, come on!

   Thank you all!

   Title II: Patriotic Speeches

   Dear leaders, teachers and dear classmates,

   Hello, everyone.!

   The topic of today's speech is "I forge ahead with the motherland.".

   Our Chinese nation has a long history, a splendid history of 5,000 years and a splendid civilization. In this increasingly prosperous land, there are industrious people and our new generation that will cross the century.. We are getting bigger and bigger now, and we have been living in this land for a long time. I think we don't have to wait until we grow up to contribute something to our motherland, but we have to contribute some of our strength to our motherland now..

   Some students may say at this time: "We are just children. It is their adult's business to repay the motherland. I just need to be myself."! "This idea is in beg to differ. We should always think about what I have done for our motherland. Perhaps our strength is still very small and we cannot be like adults, but we can do a lot for our motherland.. For example: Plant Trees and Make the Country Green, Better Living environment, good study, these seemingly ordinary things, as long as we can work hard to do, and is Persistence (psychology) to do, we are already contributing their own strength to the motherland. This is not only a contribution to the motherland, but also to our own life.. Because only when the motherland is prosperous can the people's living conditions be improved. only when the environmental pollution of the motherland is controlled can our living environment be improved. only when the motherland is strong can the people's strength be strong..

   Therefore, we must make common progress and common development with the motherland. We must always make contributions to the motherland, not ask for anything from the mother of the motherland. Only in this way can the Chinese nation continue to make progress and our motherland continue to develop..

   There is a good saying: "If a young man is rich, his country will be rich; A strong youth makes a strong country.. "At present, the motherland is still a developing country. If we are still some distance away from the economic powers in Europe, only through our continuous progress can we gradually shorten this distance.. As a primary school student and a member of the Communist Youth League of China, I must study hard and be a qualified successor in the future. With my own strength, I will make my own contribution to the development and growth of my mother's motherland in the future..

   In the end, I would like to say: "I want to advance with the motherland, I want to fight with the motherland, I want to make progress with the motherland."! "

   My speech is over. thank you.!

   Title III: Patriotic Speeches

   Teachers and students:

   Hello, everyone.!

   The topic of my speech today is "patriotic theme".

   As a Chinese, we should all know the humiliation history of the Chinese nation.. As we all know, there is a magnificent palace in Chinese history: Yuanmingyuan. It is a magnificent palace built by five emperors after more than 150 years of painstaking efforts, collecting a large amount of material resources, using countless skilled craftsmen and pouring the painstaking efforts of millions of people.. However, in the 10th year of Xianfeng, the Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded the Yuanmingyuan. They did everything they wanted for three days in the Yuanmingyuan, burning, robbing and looting everywhere. Finally, a big fire destroyed the Yuanmingyuan.. Yuanmingyuan, a world-famous palace, was buried in flames.. From this incident, I deeply realize that a country's weakness and backwardness are bound to be beaten..

   Recall the past and look at the present.. The pedantic Qing government in the past is now a prosperous big country. It was all the result of the sacrifice of our ancestors. Every time the five-star red flag was raised, I was very proud in my heart..

  For our beautiful tomorrow, we should study hard and build a beautiful tomorrow for our motherland..

   Title IV: Patriotic Speeches


   When we were born in this world, we began to suck our mother's sweet milk and enjoy her meticulous care and love for us.. We grew up gradually under the influence of our mother's education: we began to learn English, began to learn to walk, began to learn to write, began to learn to draw, began to understand a lot of things . as we all know, we all have a good mother.. Our mother deserves our gratitude and answers all our lives..

   However, dear classmates, do you know that we still have a mother who deserves our love and reward forever??

   -Yes, that is the common mother of our Chinese children: our great motherland!

   When I was very young, my mother pointed at the map and told me: our motherland is like a cock in stand firm with raised head. We are Chinese and we must love our motherland.

   When I was in I Go to Kindergarten, my aunt told me that our motherland is our mother and we live in the big family of our motherland, inside..

   When I was in school, the teacher told me: the motherland has beautiful charm, a long history, a splendid culture, and more industrious, kind, brave and intelligent Chinese people.. Gunpowder, compass, printing and papermaking spread from our ancestral country to all over the world in flour. The Great Wall, Qin Terra cotta Figures and the four grottoes show the long history of the motherland. Heroes such as Yue Fei, Wen Tianxiang, Zheng Chenggong, Lei Feng, Jiao Yulu and Kong Fansen have added a glorious page to the history of the motherland.. At the 20XX Olympics, the Shenzhou 6 spaceship excited us even more..

   Article 5: Patriotic Speeches

   Teachers and students:

   Hello, everyone.!

   In the past, I knew very little about history. Today, the teacher showed us a video of teacher Heng's speech. Teacher Heng's speech made me feel deeply. The patriotic thought expressed by teacher Heng is worth learning and passing on to all people with conscience.. At the beginning, our Chinese territory was occupied by Japan, and the Chinese had to give up their land and buy back their territory at a loss.! How many lives were killed by Japan in 1931 and 1937 in the September 18 Incident and the Lugouqiao Incident! This is only the beginning of the invasion of China. The Japanese army tried to destroy all of China against North China and Three Alls Policy.! But after eight years of struggle, China finally brought Japan to a truce.. But China has endured tremendous sacrifices. (责任编辑:admin)




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