the five flavours

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   Shanxi people are really jealous! A few Shanxi people went down to a restaurant in Beijing. after sitting down, they had not ordered yet. they brought over the vinegar bottle and each drank three spoons of vinegar.. The guests next door stared straight at each other.. One year I went to Taiyuan, it was almost Spring Festival.. When celebrating the Spring Festival elsewhere, they all supply a little good wine. Taiyuan's oil and salt stores all put up a note: "Old vinegar is supplied, one catty per household.". "This is a great event in Shanxi.

   Shanxi people also like to eat pickled cabbage, especially in Yanbei. Everything is sour, besides radish and cabbage, it also includes poplar leaves and elm trees. When someone comes to talk to the girl, when the mother asks first, how many pickled cabbage pots are there in that family?. There are many pickled vegetable jars, which means the family is thick..

   Liaoning people like to eat pickled cabbage and white meat hotpot..

   Beijingers Eat Mutton Sour Vegetable Soup and Mixed flour.

   Fujian and Guangxi people like to eat sour bamboo shoots.. Jia Pingwa and I are in Nanning. We don't like to eat at guest houses. We go out and eat blindly.. As soon as pingwa entered, he called, "old friend! "Old friend noodles" are also called "old friends" for some reason, even under the pickled bamboo shoots and shredded pork soup..

   Dai people also like to eat sour. Braised chicken with sour bamboo shoots is a famous dish..

   Yanqing mountain likes to eat sour rice in summer.. The good rice was blanched with acid, and when cold water was mixed with water from the well, three bowls of rice were poured down..

   It is said that Suzhou cuisine is sweet, but in fact Suzhou cuisine is only light, and Wuxi is really sweet.. Wuxi Fried Eel Paste Put That Polysaccharides! Inside, the meat stuffing of steamed stuffed bun, also contains a lot of sugar and cannot be eaten.!

   Sichuan sanded pork is steamed with large pieces of fat pork and washed sand, while Guangxi taro core is steamed with large pieces of fat pork and Taro purée. They are very sweet and delicious, but I can only eat two pieces at most..

   Cantonese love sweet food.. There is a Cantonese sweet shop on Jinbi Road in Kunming that sells sesame paste and green bean paste. Guangdong students are flocking to it.. "Sweet potato soup" uses sweet potato slices to boil soup. What is good to drink? Guangdong classmate said: "good! "

   The northerners do not like sweet, but sugar was rare in the past.. My family used to have an old nanny, a peasant from Zhengding, who was over 60 years old.. She also has a mother-in-law, who is in her eighties.. On one occasion, she wanted to return to her hometown to visit relatives. She weighed 2 kg of white sugar and said that her mother-in-law loved to drink white sugar water..

   Beijingers are very conservative. In the past, they did not know what balsam pear was. In recent years, some people have learned to eat it.. The vegetable farmers also have seed. There are good balsam pears on the farmers' market, which are "fine vegetables" with high prices..

   Beijingers used not to eat water spinach or mussel, and some people like it in recent years..

   Beijingers are open in taste!

   Beijingers used to know to eat Chinese cabbage. This shows that Chinese cabbage doctrine can be overthrown..

   Northerners Eat Sonchus arvensis in Early Spring. Sonchus arvensis is divided into sweet and bitter parts. Bitter parts are quite bitter..

   There is a young actress from Guizhou who went to our troupe to study drama. Her mother sent her a package of things from far away. It was "Chosen Ear Root", or "Zeergen", or Houttuynia cordata Thunb.. She let me taste a few root. What is this?? Bitter, it doesn't matter, it has a strong fishy smell, really can't cope with!

   The troupe has a cadre who writes subtitles and sometimes does chores.. This person is an expert on spicy food.. He doesn't eat vegetables for lunch every day. He eats chili for dinner..All over the country, ethnic minorities, all kinds of chili, he did everything possible to get to eat, troupe to perform in Shanghai, he helped make food, this is good, will not lack of chili to eat. Thought Shanghai chili was not easy to buy, he got off the bus the next day and found a shop specializing in all kinds of chili.. Some Shanghainese can eat spicy food..

   My spicy food was cooked in Kunming. I used to burn green chili on the fire with some Guizhou classmates and dip it in salt water to drink wine.. I have eaten so many chili peppers in my life that I am not surprised by Facing heaven pepper or Capsicum frutescens.. The hottest chili I have ever eaten is in Vietnam.. In 1947, I switched from Vietnam to Shanghai and ate beef powder on the streets of Haiphong. The beef was very tender, the soup was very fresh, and the chili was extremely spicy. A bowl of soup powder with 3 or 4 silk chili was not spicy enough.. The color of this pepper is orange. In northern Sichuan, it is said that there is a kind of chili that cannot be eaten by itself. It is hung on the stove with a thread. The soup can be made. The chili is extremely spicy when rinsed in the soup inside.. The Wa people in Yunnan have a kind of chili called "Shuan Shuan Shuan La", which is about the same as the chili hung on the stove in northern Sichuan..

   Sichuan can't be said to be the most spicy province. Sichuan cuisine is characterized by spicy and hemp, with a lot of prickly ash in it.. The walls of the small noodle shop in Sichuan have three characters: Malatang. Mapo tofu, stir-fried beef shreds, Bon bon chicken; Not without pepper. Zanthoxylum bungeanum should be zanthoxylum pipertum dc. Mash it, prepare the dish, and then put it in..

   Zhou Zuoren said that his hometown ate salty pickles and salty salted fish all year round, and people in eastern Zhejiang did eat very salty food.. A classmate, from Taizhou, went to the shop to eat steamed buns in inside, broke the buns and poured soy sauce into inside.. The salty and light taste is related to the region.. Beijingers say that the south is sweet, the north salty, the east spicy and the west sour, which is generally good.. Hebei has a heavy population in the northeast and Fujian Cuisine has a weak population.. However, this is also related to one's personality and habits.. Hubei cuisine is not salty, but Mr. Wen Yiduo thinks Yunnan Mengzi's food is too light..

   The Chinese used to be very particular about salt, such as peach blossom salt and crystal salt, "Wu salt is better than snow", but now the whole country is eating refined salt. Only Sichuan people still insist on using well salt produced in Zigong for pickled pickles..

   I don't know what other countries in the world love smelly food.

   In the past, fried stinky tofu was sold in Shanghai, Nanjing and Hankou.. The stinky tofu in Changsha Fire Palace is famous for being eaten by a big man when he was young.. The great man also ate later and said, "The stinky tofu in the Fire Palace is still delicious.". "The cultural revolution in the fire palace of Spirit screen appeared two lines of characters:

   Highest Order:

   The stinky tofu in the fire palace is still delicious..

   One of our comrades went to Nanjing on a business trip. His lover was from Nanjing and told him to bring back some stinky tofu. He did everything in his power to make it happen.. When they were taken to the train, the people in one carriage protested strongly..

   Except dried bean curd, gluten and shutter (thousands of sheets) can stink.. Lettuce, wax gourd and cowpea in vegetable inside all stink. The old root of the winter bamboo shoot could not bite, so it was cut off and thrown into the smelly jar inside.. -Many families in our area have a smelly jar, a jar of "Stinky Brine". The squeezed juice of pickled mustard leaves is put in a few days to form "Stinky Brine". The most special smelly substance is smelly amaranth Rod (unit). The amaranth elders, the main stem can be thick as a thumb, three or four feet high, cut into two inches of small segments, into the smelly altar. After stinking, the outer skin is hard and the inner core is jelly-like. Hold on to one end, suck, and the core meat will enter the mouth.. This is the best food for porridge.. We call it "amaranth stalk" there and Hunan people call it "amaranth goo" because it sucks up a "goo".

   People in Beijing say stinky tofu refers to stinky tofu milk.. In the past, peddlers used to peddle their wares along the streets.

   "Stinky tofu, pickled tofu, stinky tofu in Wang Zhihe. "Smelly tofu is bake?corn?or?millet?cakes?on?a?pan?, boil a pot of shrimp skin Shchi, good rice! At present, stinky tofu in Wang Zhihe is bottled in large glass squares, which is inconvenient. It takes a long time to eat a bottle of 100 yuan, and it is very expensive to sell and becomes a luxury.. I very much hope this kind of packing can be improved. Five pieces per container is enough..

  I have eaten the most stinky cheese in the United States. Foreigners often hide their noses. It is really nothing to me, far worse than stinky tofu..

   What a pity! China's population is so mixed that I dare say it is the highest in the world..





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