The world is better than you think.

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   Life is already so difficult, why should it be uncovered??

   For our newly graduated college students, the most important thing is to plan your own life path.. Yes, I am ready to enter the workplace and start a new life. Yes, I want to further my studies in inside, and I have embarked on the road of postgraduate study. Some, looking for a stable job, joined the army of civil servants; Some, like me, are still struggling with what they should do.?

   During the period before graduation, we were busy enjoying the last time of college, as if we were going to vent our emotions expressed in the past four years. During this period of time, everyone was with their own worries.. Just like previous fresh graduates, I faced unemployment upon graduation. I was also worried about my job. Before that, I had prepared for postgraduate entrance examination, but because I had no willpower and could not hold on, I gave up halfway. I have been looking for a suitable unit for internship since then. Due to various indulgences during college, I did not have a firm grasp of professional knowledge, so that the internship unit behind me could not stay. During that period, I was both happy and sad.. Looking at the students around you finding jobs gradually, I was actually quite anxious. Although I was also applying for a job through various online resumes, I couldn't get a response all the time..

   After graduation, everyone went back to their homes and did their own things. I also went back to the place where I lived.. During this period of time, I felt particularly at a loss. I didn't know where to go. Without the bustling dormitories of the former school in inside, the quiet library in inside, and the classrooms where everyone once attended classes, everything became unaccustomed. In fact, I was still accustomed to my school life. I didn't have to worry about what to eat, what to do, and everything was going on according to the normal plan. Upon graduation, all my life went haywire. I browsed all kinds of recruitment information on the Internet every day. My resume was revised over and over again just to find a job that I was satisfied with..

   This period of time is very painful. many friends around me went to travel far away as soon as they graduated. every day their circle of friends was refreshed by various travel photos. looking at their happy appearance, I had fantasized about where to relax myself in the past. but the real problem is that I must find a job to support myself. yes, a person can only pursue a better quality of life if he meets the basic requirements for his survival.. During this period of time, I still haven't given up looking for a job. Every day I change my resume, submit my resume, and then prepare for an interview.. In this kind of life, inside, I have gradually learned patience. When I am alone, I should always learn to grow up by myself. In this kind of life, inside, I can only rely on myself and change myself. Gradually, I began to like being quiet, doing what I like quietly, imagining my future quietly and enjoying all that life brings me..

   Today, I have already adapted to my current life. I eat alone, sleep alone, wait for the bus alone, and enjoy my life alone. On reflection, although my time at school in inside is wonderful, it is impossible for us to stay in inside, the campus forever. There will always be a day when we leave. We will always face all kinds of difficulties. We will change, grow up and finally accept all these difficulties.. Many years later, perhaps we will recall the past dribs and drabs, think of this period of time to hone, then we will only be glad to insist on down.

   No matter how life destroys you, we cannot give up, find a quiet place, look up at the sky, imagine how big the world really is, feel the distance between Earth 2050: The Future of Energy and the moon, and seriously think about the difficulties we are facing. All problems will no longer be problems. After all, the world is far better than you think.!





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