Memories of Der Var Engang

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   Memories of Der Var Engang

   Perhaps because of his age, he always likes to think about Der Var Engang. The scenes with his parents are like ink paintings before his eyes.. No carve, no color, so insipid, but the interpretation of endless strong family affection. I never remember my baby days.. The scene before us is everyone's experience: the baby sucks breast milk, moves from the bosom to the back, and then moves from the back to the bosom. the mother gently beats the baby, moves slowly and shakes, making the baby fall asleep sweetly..

   When I was a child, my father worked far away from home and seldom came home. I will never forget my mother.. Of course, my mother helped me to take the first step.. Run And Jump, it's time to be naughty. Don't pay attention to, pot of boiling water in inside was knocked down by me, directly from the foot down. My mother's anxious eyes told me that she was too painful. My feet were scalded and skinned, and I kept crying day and night.. My mother also cried and sought medical treatment behind my back.. At that time, I never left my mother's arms and back.. My mother's clothes were worn out too early by my drooling and my belt..

   Unconsciously, time slipped away in the mother's laborious hands.. I have reached school age.. My mother sewed a small cotton coat and new cloth shoes for me with thousands of stitches. She made a new schoolbag and put it on my shoulder. She watched me walk towards the school until I disappeared from sight..

   The rooster crows, the time passes, and a new day will come. Mother starts to prepare meals for three meals a day. Let's just talk about meals. First, she has to rub corn seeds off the corn cob, then grind them out from the stone mill, and then cook in the pan.. Three meals also cost a lot of time.. Working in the fields only needs more work and more quick work to make up for the lost time..

   Mountain people's time passed on the bumpy road. Mother went up the mountain with firewood on her back and walked along the winding narrow path of sheep intestines. Dai Yue, wearing a star, went out with the heavy firewood on her back. She was soaked with sweat and didn't get home until late in the morning.. A load of firewood can't burn for a few days, and I have to go up the mountain to carry it..

   Mountain people's time passed on the climbing steps. Mother picked up a bucket and went up the steps step by step, day by day, month by month, year by year..

   Rural people's time passes on the livestock they feed.. Mother was finally ill in bed due to overwork.. Paralyzed, he used his mouth to direct his elder sister, aged 11 and 9.. Feeding pigs and chickens like other families.

   The burden borne by my mother was borne by my elder sister. At that time, my elder sister wanted to hurry up and grow up quickly to shoulder the burden of the family.. My brother dropped out of school and my sister didn't cross the school gate..

   Two years have passed since my mother was able to get out of bed, and my mother is doing housework with crutches.. Father came home. In the morning, the team inside occasionally does not work early. The family works in a division of labor. The elder sister always mows pig grass regardless of wind or rain. The father mows the grass and washes the washer. The elder brother carries firewood up the mountain. The two of us read books.. It seems that the time in the morning is not enough, so it is time to go out to work for nothing, and the day goes by unconsciously.. If you don't have a meeting at night, take off the corn, push the stone mill and prepare three meals..

   Time passed so fast, we grew up and became home and had children in the expectation of our parents.. Parents' language is less and less, they can no longer hear their nagging and spend their whole life in haste and hardship.. I didn't say a word about the hardship of bringing up children and the tiredness of farm work. I never said the bitter taste of eating wild vegetables. I didn't say how badly dressed I was..

   Only saw their slightly hunched back, bent waist, white hair, deep wrinkles, this is the image of parents left by the years..

   Time is silent, without a trace, where is it? What I saw was the cycle of the four seasons, with the sun rising and the moon sinking..

   I am studying outside. My parents expect time to pass quickly and get together soon. I work outside. My parents expect vacation and reunion.. The Mid-Autumn Festival did not get together. Parents looked at the full moon and waited until the Spring Festival.. Reunions are held on the 30th of the lunar new year. at this time, parents hope that the time will pass slowly, because after the lunar new year the children will go their separate ways..

   Where is the invisible time?? Finally found the answer: deep wrinkles in the parents of inside; On parents' bent waist; In the white hair of parents; On the mother's smooth crutch; In the eyes of parents' expectation.


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