Male intimate, Heart Lover

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   When I drop ink into ruin, be my male intimate, okay?

   For a long time, I started to cry and dropped ink into tears..

   Heart, tender between plaintive words, ink melancholy, cold fingertips. A note clear sorrow, stained with ink drip.

   The ink shed tears and moistened your heart.. Looking back at you, you warm my heart.

   You smell my ink, drunk, Conservatory Garden very deeply how much sorrow, flying Le Cerf-Volant lightly, meeting of minds a little bit.

   He did not plan on his face, but he could not fall in love with each other when he met him. He missed him, and his feelings were captivating and lingering in his dreams. He only hid his secret in the heart stream..

   Blue thoughts, deep sentimentally attached, a kind of love that cannot be overcome, such as lotus blooms in the clear pool.. Len is pure and beautiful, fragrant and serene, with blue leaves and a pool of worries.

   There are you, full of worries, loading you on the boat moored in my harbor, with you in Water flowing out in a trickle takes a long time to exhaust and In the water side..

   Clear my body, Affairs of the Heart, longitudinal I don't live, blue yan into a dream.

   When I fall to the ground in Timecapsule, I will be male intimate, okay?

   I am attached to you, Endless Night. I will bloom for you as soon as I can. I will dye ink with you and moonlight with you. Two of a Kind will wander together. In my dream, I will have aloes and warm heart and soft fragrance..

   Friends, Warm Ocean of Heart!

   There was a man named male intimate. He is the lover of the heart, the breath of love, the life of love, the love forgotten in previous lives..

   There is a kind of feeling, called Endless Love, Kohi Apna Sa in life, dependence in life, but can't be with him, only stumbles.

   On the other side of the screen, the heart whispers, telling the evolution of joys and sorrows.

   Silently waiting, silently waiting. Smile at each other, the heart is fragrant, the flowers bloom and the eyes open, and the ocean is warm and misty..

   Sad season, you gently erase, my frost, dry bitter tears. Text messages over and over again, every word warm, One meter sunshine, lit up the darkness, quit nightmare, no longer lonely sad.

   I can't freeze this kind of missing. Are you warmer, more attached, and more afraid than your lover? One day you will walk far away and suddenly disappear. My world begins to snow, afraid to cover up your footprints and lose your memory..

   Some scenery, seen, no longer regret.

   Some people, passing by, are passers-by..

   Streamer, can't stand the polishing of the years, old in a hurry, steal to change the world.

   And you are the eternal movement of heaven and earth, the miss of sunrise and sunset, the expectation of a full moon and a blue face in my dream..

   Don't care about everything, don't blame love for giving more and giving less.. Not for oath, panic all over the sky, not for promise, pale to the end of the world.

   Only for, a heart silently watch.

   Listen to its beating sadness and happiness, touch, once unhealed wounds, tears stained heart.

   Once upon a time, in the days of A murky sky over a dark earth, inside lived on as if he were inferior to death.. Delete all netizens and poetry groups, and want to pack themselves up and put them in the dark corner of inside, waiting for burial..

   In desperation, you added me. In a word: don't be afraid of me, deep in my heart is your warm home..

   Tears were thick and warm in the air. YoYo recovered and began to beat..

   Slowly, no longer nostalgia, water Mae, LuHan's Fans (Reed) scattered disappointed, no longer see, pear flower snow sad and mild.

   The warmth you have given me is enough for my whole life to live in Flesh and Blood without suffering from prolonged illness and to gather the strength of life..

   Seeing each other is better than seeing each other, and loving each other is better than missing each other..

   Let's be lovers of our hearts, not to take a hint when a hint is not intended, but to open the door to stone and stone..

   Other shore flower, with only one glance, stayed in the eyes for ten thousand years..

   No increase, no decrease, no tire, Love Conquers All, do everything and cherish it.

   Meet with you, listen to the idle breeze before the court, look at the wind light cloud light, cloud rolling cloud shu, don't love red Starcrossed, entanglements between love and hatred.

   Fingertips stick flowers, kisses only intoxicate eyes, not greedy flower charming appearance.

   A drop of clear water, inside, can see through the footprints we have walked all the way. Deep And Shallow, with ease, is really very happy.! With you, peace of mind is warm and no longer cold and lonely..

   Male intimate, My Heart's Lover!





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