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   In the north of China, where there is a good stream of water, there is often a jellyfish palace with Jellyfish Goddess in it.. This is probably because of the drought in the north and people have a special feeling for water.. In order to express this feeling, a palace was built and a female god of water was created.. It seems natural that water is a female, because water is gentle.. Although Hebo is also a water god, he is a man, but he is used to making waves and often makes trouble with people. He is not a good god and can be treated differently.. I have rarely seen jellyfish palace in the south.. In the south is Longwangmiao. Because the south is a watery region and does not lack water, it often needs floods as disasters. Therefore, more Longwangmiao is built to let the dragon king "cure" the water..

   Jellyfish Goddess is a very characteristic goddess.

   The images of Chinese goddesses are mostly ladies.. God is created by man in his own way.. What should the goddess look like? Can't imagine. Therefore, it is natural to take samples from the Dependents of the wealthy family.. Most of these goddesses are dressed in palace-like costumes, with gorgeous dresses, plump bodies and delicate skin.. If it is a young girl or young woman, it is often a bit of a charm in the end beauty.. "God's Parade" inside's image of Nuwa, "looks beautiful, RUICAI engaging, national color, now like life; It is true that the fairy in the Ruigong Palace is approaching the world, and the goddess of the moon in the Moon Palace is coming down to the world. "At the sight of Zhou Wang, her spirit is drifting and her heart is steeped in lust," it can be seen that she is not as cold as ice.. If the icon is so, Zhou Wang cannot be blamed alone.. The author's description reveals a bit of reverie, and the language is frivolous and inappropriate.. "Outlaws of the Marsh" inside's The Fairy of Ninth Heaven is similar: "The head is tied up in a kowloon phoenix bun, dressed in a golden thread of crimson gauze. Lantian Jade with drag long fringing, Bai Yuguizhang holding color sleeve. The face is like a lotus calyx, and the natural looks are reflected in the clouds. The Lips is like a cherry, with snow on its own scale.. Like a queen mother feasting flat peaches, it is like Chang 'e living in the moon palace.. "Although the author added two sentences in the end:" Zhengda Angel Face can't describe it, and it's difficult to paint a dignified image ",it still can't restore the enchanting impression.. -the two look like Chang e, it's a coincidence! Blasphemy is hidden in admiration. This is the subtle psychology of Chinese civilians towards the goddess, that is, towards everyone Dependents.. Some people saw Magu deity's long claws and thought it would be very comfortable for her to scratch her back.. It is not difficult to understand this kind of unreasonable thinking.. As for goddesses above middle age, they will not arouse the faint sexual impulse of worshippers.. Most of them are very rich, with a face of happiness, drooping eyelids, eyes, nose and heart, sitting straight and expressionless, with inside holding the "scepter" in his hand. There is a blue silk handkerchief under the scepter, and the silk handkerchief droops down. I think it is not to let people see her fat hands. This is already a life woman and even a royal mother.. Jinci's main hall for the founding mother of Jin, is like this. Bixia Yuanjun of Mount Tai, a rural woman without knowledge who goes to the mountain to offer incense, is called "Taishan Granny". This name is really very accurate, because she looks like a very rich granny who calls enslave menservants, but somehow she has become a god.. All in all, the "ingredients" of these goddesses are very high.. In the "cultural revolution", a peasant cadre who was the leader of the rebel side took the lead in breaking many statues, including some of the statues of goddesses.. His reason is very simple and clear: "They are all housewives."! "Can't say he makes no sense.

   Jellyfish Goddess is different from these goddesses.

   Jellyfish Palace is usually very small, slightly larger than the general land shrine.. The "palace" door is also short and tall, so you have to lower your head to enter it.. Jellyfish Goddess's golden body is molded inside, which is only about 2 feet high.. The empress's attire was entirely a rural a newlywed: a large-breasted cloth jacket, trousers and cloth shoes.. Her throne is not a "eight treasures kowloon bed", but a water tank with a lid buckled on it. she sat on the lid with her legs coiled in the posture of a northern woman sitting on a kang.. She sat half-sideways, not facing the "audience" like the ordinary gods.. She held up her arms high and combed her hair.. This "shape" is very beautiful. This is a handsome and pretty a newlywed that can be seen everywhere in the countryside of North China. It is not a "god" at all.!

   Why did she become a god?Many villages in North China, inside, have spread such stories:

   There is one family and one a newlywed. There is no water in this place.. There are no rivers and no wells.. She goes to distant places to fetch water every day.. One day, a passer-by on horseback came in and asked for some water.. A newlywed scooped him a ladle. Passers-by drank it in one gulp.. He also wants to drink, a newlywed by his own ladle scoop. I don't want this passer-by to gulp down half a tank of water.! A newlywed thought: This man is probably too thirsty. She has no water to cook today. What should I do?? My heart was in a hurry, but my face didn't show up. Passers-by drank enough water and thanked me. He was quite reasonable and said, "You don't have any water to cook today, do you?"? ""well! "-your mother-in-law know, don't scold you? "—"Let's talk about it again. "! "Passers-by said:" You are a man of good heart! Here's the deal: I'll give you a horse whip, and you put it in the water tank inside.. If you want water, lift your whip up and there will be water in the inside.. How much do you want. How high is Tito. Remember, don't lift the whip out of the jar.! Remember, remember, remember! "Having said that, the man disappeared. This is a fairy! From here on and a newlywed won't have to go all the way to fetch water.. If you want water, lift the whip and you have it.. This is really "Miza"!

   One day, a newlywed went to live with her family.. Her mother-in-law cooks and needs water.. She also lifted the whip as she had done.. Don't want to mention the strength, put a horse whip once out of the cylinder mouth. This is amazing. The water in the water tank inside spouted out, Water, Water Every Hare. Soon the village was flooded.!

   A newlywed was at her mother's home. She got up in the morning and was combing her head. She had just opened her hair and had not yet put it on. When she heard the news that her husband's village was flooded, a newlywed heard that it was broken.! The mother-in-law must have pulled the whip out of the jar.! She hurried back. When I got home, I was in a hurry to make a living. I grabbed the lid of the pot and buckled it on the jar. I sat down on the lid of the pot myself. Hey! The water is not gushing.!

   Later, people honored her as Jellyfish Goddess and shaped her golden body according to her appearance at that time: sitting cross-legged on the lid of the water tank, the water receded, and she combed her hair.. She held up her arm high, which is holding zuan son!

   This a newlywed is worthy of being honored as a god.. Hearing that the husband's family was flooded, he hurried back. how brave he was. He grabbed the lid of the pot and buckled it at the mouth of the jar. He himself rose to sit up. How smart he was. After the water receded, I went on combing my hair and compiling. How leisurely I was.

   There are two kinds of jellyfish statues I have seen.. One is that Phoenix clothes with superb power was dressed as a life woman, just like an "empress". One is like this a newlywed. I like the latter.

  This is the god of the peasants themselves, the god that the peasants shaped according to their own appearance.. This is the goddess in the minds of farmers: a capable, kind and handsome a newlywed.. Farmers do not lack reverence for such jellyfish, but they are not afraid of them.. Farmers can look her in the eye and even talk about family affairs.. This is what they came up with, the god they want-people, not a kind of pressure imposed on them by others..

   One thing I don't understand. This merit of a newlywed should be to subdue a flood, but her "palace" often has a source of good water. It seems that she is the The Giver of this water. What is going on? This story is very beautiful, but what is the inevitable relationship between this beautiful story and her being honored as a "jellyfish"? However, farmers do not seem to go into these problems.. They think the story is such a story, she is Jellyfish Goddess, no need to discuss. It seems that I have to be confused all the time.

   The Chinese people, mainly peasants, have different views on some sacred things from the rulers, and often make up stories that are not respectful to the gods. This is very interesting.. For example, Kitchen God. The Han Dynasty did not know why the "sacrifice stove" was so foul. Emperor Wu of Han believed the story of the alchemist and believed that "sacrifice stove can cause things" (what "things")? ), and "gold can be made, and the undead medicine can be made.". This is sheer nonsense. Later, I don't know how, Kitchen God and people's life and death on the relationship, became "the east chef ordered Kitchen God". But the folk saying is quite different.. According to the legend of peasants in the north, in inside, Kitchen God has a surname. His surname is Zhang and his name is Zhang San (your name is Iko Iko! ), and this man is worthless, because he did something shady (what, I forgot) got into the stove fire inside, got a face of pitch dark, this just became Kitchen God. It's a pity that I have a bad memory. All the deeds of this Zhang San Kitchen God have been blurred.. In my spare time, I will come to study brother Zhang San.. (责任编辑:admin)




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