Party branch work plan for primary and secondary schools

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   Fan Wenyi: School Party Branch Work Plan for the First Half of 2.0 one 5.

   One. Strengthen ideological and political work and enhance the cohesion and fighting capacity of the Party branch.

   one. Requirements for all Party members: Be based on one's own position, be advanced in thought, play a leading role in ideology and politics, and set an example for all faculty members in the school..

  2. Requirements for leading cadres above the middle level: continuously improve their ideological and political quality through Democratic life meeting, ideological exchange, democratic evaluation, etc., enhance service awareness, and improve work efficiency.

   3. Requirements for the teaching staff in the whole school: through setting up, publicizing and studying the typical teachers' ethics, we should strive to improve our ideological cultivation and quality and enhance the sense of responsibility as masters..

   Two. Strengthen theoretical study

   one. To strengthen the theoretical center group study, focus on learning once a month.

  2. Party members are regularly organized to carry out theoretical study. At the same time, each party member is required to do a good job of self-study and regularly check the study notes..

  3. Strengthen the theoretical study of the leading group, and use the regular meeting time to concentrate on the study once a week..

   4. There are plans to arrange the theoretical study of the faculty and staff of the school, and to distribute the study materials in due course..

  5. The main content of this semester's study: the party's xx documents and related spirits

   Three. Strengthen team building

   one. Strengthening the Construction of Party Members

   ( one) Party members should set an example in their business: clearly define their business requirements-think first and do first; Carry out the activity of "being a teacher students like"

   (2) Party members in this department should actively help other comrades to make common progress and common improvement. Party members should take the initiative to do ideological work for comrades and students around them. Party branches will understand and feedback the implementation of this work through questionnaires and other means..

   (3) give full play to the role of the party group, through competition, appraisal and other ways to ensure that the work of the party group is effective.

  2. Strengthening the Construction of Activists

   ( one) through the voting system, to determine the target of this year's development, to do a good job of training and development.

   (2) the party members and the masses "hand in hand" activities to implement.

   (3) Strive to create conditions for the growth and progress of activists and give full play to their role..

  3. Strengthen the training and education of league members and youth

   ( one) to play the role of the youth party school, there are plans to carry out educational activities that suit the actual situation of the youth members, such as party classes, ideological education and training, etc..

   (2) to cultivate, set up and learn the typical youth league members.

   (3) Building a platform for the growth and progress of league members and youth.

   (4) Pay attention to the cultivation of young students and give full play to the cultivation and education functions of the Youth League Committee, politics and religion, etc..

   Four. Carry out practical educational activities

   ( one) Organizing Party Members and Activists to Visit and Investigate (March-April)

   (2) to carry out dedication activities, organize and carry out labor in Party obligations, and give full play to the dedication and exemplary leadership of Party members..

   (3) to carry out heart-to-heart talks among party members, through ideological exchanges, to enhance in-depth understanding among party members, so as to achieve the purpose of helping each other, learning from each other's strong points and making common progress..

   (4) watching educational documentaries

   (5) to carry out "be a teacher students like" activities, timely publicity, timely reporting.

   Five. Strengthen propaganda work

   ( one) the establishment of the school publicity work leading group.

  (2) Strengthen online publicity, timely report and publicize school news, Good Deeds, etc..

   (3) Strengthen publicity to the outside world so that the society, parents, relevant units and local people can understand the development and changes of the school in a timely manner, strive for more support and create conditions for creating quality schools..

   Six. Strengthening the Construction of Campus Culture

   (one) the overall concept, unified deployment.

   (2) Give full play to the existing resources and highlight the special publicity on the original basis.

   (3) Make full use of the opportunity of the "Olympic Year", give full play to the role of the Olympic Model School, increase the publicity report on the Olympics in our school, and give full play to the guiding role of publicity..

   Seven. Strengthen the leadership of the mass organizations

   (1) through in-depth understanding of the work of the communist youth league, strengthen the leadership of the communist youth league, and actively create conditions for the communist youth league to carry out activities.

   (2) actively support trade unions to carry out various activities, promote understanding and mutual assistance among teaching staff, strive to improve the physical and mental health of teaching staff, and build a more harmonious campus.

   Eight. Care for retired workers and organize timely activities.

   Nine. Do a Good Job in United Front Work.

   Fan Wen 2: School Party Branch Work Plan

   I guiding ideology

   Adhere to Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of "Three Represents" as our school's guidance, earnestly study and understand, and implement the party's eighteen spirits, and adhere to the scientific development concept to guide the overall situation of the school's educational reform and development.. In order to implement the main points of the school district party Committee's work in 2015 and the assessment target of the compulsory education modernization school as the main line, the central work of the school's educational reform and development should be earnestly centered. the ultimate goal should be to run a school where people are satisfied and at ease and to create a quality education campus. the party's ruling ability and advanced nature should be further strengthened, the quality of the party members should be further improved, and the creativity, cohesion and fighting capacity of the party team should be improved.. Give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members in schools and the role of Party organizations as battlegrounds..

   Adhere to the "people-oriented, school-oriented" party building ideas, give full play to the advanced experience and achievements of the school party branch demonstration group construction. Under the guidance of the slogan of "ideal purpose sets up a banner, teachers' morality sets up an example, education and teaching sets up a brand", we will strive to unite all forces that can be united, consolidate and carry out the construction of teachers' morality and spiritual civilization, and integrate the wisdom and enthusiasm of teachers into the central work of the school's educational reform and development, thus providing a strong ideological foundation and political and organizational guarantee for the school's reform and development..

   II. Work Objectives

   Overall objective

   In the party building work in 2015, our school will continue to establish a party building work leading group with the secretary as the core. from the aspects of organizational learning, administrative supervision, participation in management, enhancement of joint efforts, demonstration role, and development of party members, our school will closely focus on the central work of teaching quality and building a first-class education brand, serve the overall situation of the school, and formulate a series of targets to complete the assessment rules and reward and punishment system, so as to ensure the implementation of the planning targets..

   Party building in schools places equal emphasis on content and measures: to seize a key point (the construction of Party and League schools); To explore two tasks (networking of Party building and development of the voting system for Party members); Implementation of "345 6." Project: Implement "Three Measures" (Party Member's Post Responsibility System Model Assessment System), Establish "Four New Goals" (Learning New Knowledge, Climbing New Peak, Nurturing New Style, Shaping New Appearance), Set up "Five Good Images" (Leading Team, Party Member Team, Working Mechanism, Development Performance, Mass Reflection), Strive for "Six Leading" Model (Learning Theoretical Knowledge, Carrying out Educational Research, Joining in Curriculum Reform Practice, Promoting Honesty Culture, Implementing Democratic Decision-making, Aspiring to Strive for Excellence).

   Specific objectives

   1. Leadership team building: In accordance with the principles of political firmness, truth-seeking and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative, diligent and honest administration, unity and coordination, strengthen ideological and political construction, improve their own quality and management level, and work hard and effectively. Members of the team strive to achieve the "four steps", that is, to learn political theory first, to achieve a higher moral standard, to take a step ahead in education, and to excel in management skills..

   2. Cadre team building: Cadres have a good overall mental outlook, are united and cooperative, and have a solid mass base. In their respective posts, they can not only practice "internal skills" and improve their quality, but also lead the masses around them to pool their efforts to improve the school's various work levels.. Cadres and teachers strive to achieve the "three is", that is, the code of conduct is a model, teaching is the backbone, the situation is the backbone. (责任编辑:admin)




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