Red bean in rain

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   "Books are a pure and beautiful special world. Living in them is fun" in order to acquire more knowledge. Broaden one's vision; Raise the level of self; To strengthen my self-cultivation, I often commute between my work unit and Wanyue City Library..

   One day, on the way home from the Wanyue City Library, my heart was still stuck in Yu Guangzhong's classic work "The Cold Rain in Iko Iko." In rainy days, the tiles of the house were floating with wet streamers, gray and gentle, the light was slightly bright, and the backlight was dark. It was a kind of deep comfort for vision.. As for the rain knocking on the scale of thousands of pieces of tile, from far to near, gently heavy gently, with thick streamlets rippling down along the tile trough and eaves, all kinds of percussion and Glide tightly woven into a net, whose thousands of fingers in massage helix ". God should be so in line with my mood, and a drizzle has drifted up, weaving like silk, yarn and fog, looming and quietly.. Near and far scenery is like a dream hazy fantasy. This scene reminds us of the lingering and blurred July this summer..

   Through the lingering rain and fog, I happened to find a stall selling flowers on the roadside. All kinds of flowers vary in length and color.. To my surprise, there were bunches of strange flowers that I had never seen before.. Its leaves are like locust trees, and its branches are covered with beads. Its crystal is like coral, full and round, and bright red and dripping.. Rain beads fell on it and quivered slightly. The more colorful the beads became, the more pleasing they were.. As he always loved to raise flowers, he asked the owner what kind of flower it was.? She was wearing a raincoat and proudly said with the fog and humidity in the south, "We don't have red beans in the north. This is red beans from the south." I couldn't help but wonder. Is this the red beans from A token of love, which have survived for a long time in the classical literature of inside?? Wang Wei's verse immediately flashed into my mind: "when those red berries come in springtime, flushing on your southland branches. Take home an armful, for my sake, as a symbol of our love. "This red red bean in the rain has made many ancient people pass it on, waving at splash-ink painting.. Can't help but go forward, watch carefully, the heart is so loving. The appearance and grain of red bean are both "heart" shaped. Its red color gradually deepens from the edge to the inside. There are two heart-shaped petals tightly buckled together. It's really a double heart of bean, and the heart and the heart are interlinked.. This is really a kind of seed full of aura and wonder. I immediately bought three plants to go home and insert them into the bottle. I immediately felt that inside in the house had a different taste..

   I remember a legend about red beans. In ancient times, there was a beautiful woman whose name was Meng Gu and her husband was guarding the border.. Due to the tight fighting at the border, beacon-fire kept on, and they could not meet each other.. She often nestled under the big tree they fell in love with, silently looking at the north, looking forward to her husband's return.. Day after day, year after year, this woman, Looking forward to, fell ill of lovesickness.. I didn't look forward to the shadow of the dreamer, but I looked forward to the sad news of my husband's death in battle.. After learning the bad news, she suddenly Stun, tears welled up in her eyes. She called out her husband's name and fell under the tree. Her eyes inside shed bright red blood.. Blood soon penetrated into the ground. For a moment, the trees were covered with red beans.. Later generations, in memory of this infatuated woman, called the tree acacia and the red beans on the tree acacia.. It is said that the red color on the acacia bean is her blood, and the black color is her eyes that Looking forward to cannot look back. It is said that Tang Dynasty poet Wang Wei came there and wrote the poem "Acacia" with tears. Since then, red beans have been collected by lovers all over the world under the acacia tree in Hainan, because her name is already full of acacia..

   I remember when I was a child, I recited a word like this: "I can't drop all my missing blood and tears and throw red beans, I can't open all the painting buildings with spring flowers and willow trees, I can't sleep well, I can't forget the new sorrow and the old sorrow, I can't swallow all the jade grains and golden waves, I can't choke all my throat, I can't see all the ling flower mirror inside described as thin.". Can't open the eyebrows, get unknown more leak, ah! Just like the faint green hills that cannot be covered, the green water is flowing continuously. ". At that time, I just felt very sad and beautiful and recited it. Later I learned that Fermentation starter's "Dream of Red Mansions" from Cao Xueqin was the lyrics of Fermentation starter's "Red Bean" sung by Jia Baoyu.. In the poem, red beans are used to replace acacia, and blood and tears are borrowed here.. Through Xulan Zheng's affectionate singing, one feels that acacia is a kind of beauty with pain and red bean is a kind of Beautiful Girls in Love Letters.

   How many immortal poems and amorous poets have planted a small red bean all over the country, planted it in the starry sky of bright stars's history, and planted it in everyone's heart..

   Tang-Niu Xiji-Sheng Zhazi "Red Beads Can't Be Seen, Eyeful XiangSilei" felt the pain of acacia from red beans. He couldn't bear to see red beans. The acacia people's eyes were blurred with tears. He used the method of Bi Xing to write all the bitterness of young acacia, the depth of acacia, and also revealed the infinite sadness of not being happy in love.. Tang-Han Wo-Jade Combination "Luonang Embroidered Two Phoenix, Jade Combination Eagle Double? Bustard, with red beans stained with orchid paste, picks up Mister Buddwing every time.. "A jade box with a pair of waterbirds in Eagle, although it has been thousands of years, it is full of fragrant orchid paste, acacia red bean, also filled with love jade box, and the woman in the poem whose hand is attached to it with tearful eyes and looks at the past, still makes people wonder endlessly.. Tang-Wen Tingyun-Yang Liuzhi "linglong dice's Red Bean serious lovesickness Knows or Not" A plaything was popular in the boudoir in the Tang Dynasty. A small piece of ivory was cut into two sides, hollowed out and inserted into A Love Seed. Then the cut two sides were embedded into six flour. Of course, the craps were also hollowed out. Once thrown out, six flour were all red, which is the so-called "linglong dice's Red Bean" and "serious lovesickness", with a pun intended..

   Admittedly, acacia, as the basic form of classical love, has been fixed by the image of red bean. The shape of acacia is round, and the color of acacia is red. Red bean, which is concentrated with aestheticism and pure emotion, has become the favorite of acacia lovers for thousands of years.. In today's highly developed human civilization, how convenient transportation is, how developed information is, how fast people communicate with each other, the red red red bean seems to have faded out of people's vision, disappeared with the progress of the times, and replaced by the secular gold and silver rust gas. In the beautiful and song-like years, if you have a bright red bean in your heart, your heart will be firmer.. Life is like a journey, one does not expect to be vigorous.. If everything is just like the first sight, gently hold in your arms, accompany, Fuel, Rice, Oil, Salt, Soy, Vinegar, and Tea, flatly light, spend the rest of my life .

   Oh, the red bean in the rain, how can you forget this thoughts like smoke, acacia red bean in the rain .

   Author: loving mother





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