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   Last summer vacation, my little sister, who was puzzled, asked her mother quietly:

   "that Xiao elder sister, why hasn't she returned to her Taipei home yet?"

   It turned out that she took me as a guest and thought that my Home Sweet Home. It is no wonder that when I left home for college, she was only three years old. a child of this age, for a person who only comes back in winter and summer vacation every year, will inevitably have the illusion of "guest"?

   This time, I came back again to enjoy the rights of the host and the respect of the guests..

   The tricycle was treading slowly in the moonlight, and I had no intention of urging him.. It is not easy to find a driver who is so cheerful in Taipei.. I leisurely sat in the middle of a lot of luggage, looking at the stars, looking at the distant lights, looking at the hazy night scene, feel a kind of happiness almost born.

   The car was walking on the empty asphalt road, which was twice as wide as usual in the moonlight.. The rich aroma of rice is wafting, and the mellow aroma, like fixation, will not retreat even in the face of an approaching car..

   The wind is blowing intentionally or unintentionally.. Suddenly, I felt something very gentle fall on my neck, turned out to be a flower.. I know it. It fell from the Delonix regia. The bright red petals make people think that any tree can die of exhaustion as long as it makes blood to form such a little red color.. But when I suddenly lifted my head, I found that every tree was packed with Qian Qian's ten thousand petals, shining bright light and color under the moon. This style is by no means human.! I couldn't help looking at them in a daze. Many petals fell off the branches in the night wind. As a result, a layer of luxurious and beautiful red carpet was laid on my way home..

   The car stopped in front of a courtyard with a big banyan tree. I handed him ten yuan. he wanted to leave after looking for only five yuan. I didn't say anything but stood still. so he found me another dollar and I just walked back with my travel bag.. How can I fall for it? This is my home!

   It was Da Mei who came out to open the door. She was studying at night for the college entrance examination. The rest of the people were asleep.. I quietly walked into the dormitory, the third one woke up, rubbed his eyes and said: "ah, how beautiful! "Then he dreamt in a daze. Am I beautiful?? I think this is going home, only at home, everyone is beautiful, not a sister will think her sister ugly, I have a friend, her sister tried to counsel her, want her to choose Miss china!

   When I woke up the next day, the shadow of the teak tree was beating on the screen window. The teak tree was my favorite. Even when it was not blooming, it was still spreading a clean and fragrant smell.. I pushed my pillow up and saw that the grapefruit tree was full of newly-planted grapefruit. The fruit was covered in green and hidden in the same color leaves as it. What a admirable attitude. When it was not mature, it was humbly hidden until it was large and full of juice before it was willing to put on golden clothes and dedicate itself to human beings..

   At this time, I suddenly heard the voice of my mother, she said:

   "You go and see, who is back."

   So the door opened and the little sister jumped in..

   "ah, sister Xiao, sister Xiao," her little hand began to pull me, "get up and have breakfast, and I'll give you a seat on the stool."

   "Whoever wants me to sit on his stool has to give me ten cents. "I said.

   "I have a hair, you sit my. "The younger brother cried excitedly.

   "Wait a minute I have fifty cents, you sit my first, will give it to you later."

   I wonder that these two children, who often won prizes for their excellent results in school inside, are not even clear about this problem today.. Why does anyone in the world have to charge for someone else's seat?? Perhaps it is because this is home, where many things are different from the truth in the world..

   Just after the meal, a bicycle suddenly stopped in front of the door, immediately, there was a running footsteps on the floor.

   "what is this? "No one ignored me, everyone ran to the man.

   So I saw a horse leading little sister from the hand inside took a newspaper, very proud to come back, the rest of the people did not get, had to take a step back:

   "Give it to me after you read it!"

   "It's me down again."

  "Then I.."

   After a tumult, they all came back. My little sister came in mysteriously and thrust the newspaper into my hand, inside..

   "Let me show you, sister xiao."

   "I didn't say the newspaper!"

   "what you said!"

   "I don't know, there is no newspaper! "She looked at me stupidly.

   "what did you just say?"

   "Say the bag is' crowded'.". She pointed at the paper bag beside my pillow with a fat finger. I opened it and found it was a steaming steamed stuffed bun.. It turned out that she said "Zi" was "crowded". If she were in school in inside, the teacher would definitely scold her. But since this is home, she has no need to suffer hardships. Everyone in the family forgave her and thought that when she grew up and her teeth grew up, she would naturally make it clear..

   We often have many small guests in our family, perhaps because there is no high-grade decoration in our living room. We don't have any ancient bottles, lantern or carpets, and of course we don't care about children's almost barbaric games. If other people's family is "Welcome to the House", our family should be "full of small friends.". Every time these children see me, they always look a little scared. Whenever this happens, I often think that I am almost equal to a guest, but my kind brother always helps me out..

   "Don't be afraid, she is my sister."

   "What does she do?"

   "She goes to school. In Taipei, she goes to college."

   "This big still have to go to school?"

   "You are a man," his younger brother glared at him. "University is for older children. Do you know, university, you know, it is a university, a university in Taipei."

   There are many younger brothers and sisters. It is easier to play games. One day, I passed by inside in the living room. They were playing the game of "pretending to be a fake family". Each of them has a family, and each of them has several dolls as children. The younger brother plays the role of a doctor, with many bottles and jars in front of him to decorate his lonely door.. When I passed by, he tried to stop me and asked me to see a doctor..

   "I'm not sick! "Say that finish I quickly ran away.

   So he sat on his chin again. When he saw the third child passing by, he jumped forward and grabbed her.

   "Come, come, come and see a doctor, half price today."

   The third child struggled desperately, of course, but I did not know where to drill out many little devils and pulled her together. Finally, the healthy patient finally sat in the fake doctor's clinic, inside. Looking at her face, she seemed to be really ill. The doctor used two strings of rubber bands, tied a soy sauce bottle cap, was a stethoscope, and then, pretending to feel the pulse, decided that the saline needle should be injected.. The so-called saline needle has a high-hanging water bottle at the top, a hollow plastic thread inserted, and a shiny big nail hanging below, which can even lead water out.. As soon as his nail tip touched the sick arm, she cried loudly. I thought it was a stabbing pain, and hurriedly ran to rescue, but I heard her say intermittently:

   "No, no, itch to death me."

   After the injection, the doctor gave her another medicine. The medicine turned out to be a handful of guava slices mixed with sugar. Is there such a lovely medicine in the world?? When I am alone, every time I get sick, I always take something as terrible as poison.. Oh, if I could have such a lovely doctor with me at that time, I think I would be cured without injection or guava tablets.. After returning home, life was extremely leisurely. Apart from reading and sleeping, I took a walk in the court.. There are several trees in the courtyard, the most lovely of which is mango tree, which is a kind of fruit that cannot win by color. I like its extremely fragrant smell..

   When living in the dormitory, every time I read on the long corridor, I often saw the bright red "lotus mist" on the back mountain.. On one occasion, Cao said, "Why doesn't that tree grow closer?"? "In fact, it's not good to be born close. It belongs to someone else. If you want to eat, there is no other way but to pay for it. There are too many laws and regulations in this world. Ownership is so clearly divided that no one can touch anyone's things. Only at home, in my own home, can I pick it at will. No one will blame me. I am a master!

   The only regret after returning home is the loss of many friends we can talk about. We used to have a heart-to-heart talk after dinner.. At that time, our dormitory inside was often full of laughter, and I often liked to call them my "dear roommates". Now, the "room full of happiness" that I ruled is temporarily dispersed.. The day before yesterday, I sent Dan a box of mangoes so that she could share my happiness at home..Home is really like a plain mango full of sweet juice!

   I am waiting. I think her reply will come soon. She will certainly tell me many ordinary and touching stories in her family.. I really believe so; Everyone will be surrounded by sweetness and happiness when he returns to his home..





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